A Birthday Gift for You! (And a Fun Celebration Playlist)

Hey, all! We are turning 13 this week!

Meaning, we’ve gone from a preteen blog, to a full teenager. Yeowers.

And, just like any good teen, we are ready to party — the best way we know how. With free stuff. And an amazing hour-long high-energy workout playlist that brings the fun party vibes to your next sweat sesh.

First, let’s get to the freebie for you! After all, we wouldn’t be here without all you amazing peeps …

That’s right; we’re partnering with 99 Walks to give you a free month on their website when you use code “FBG”!

About 99 Walks and How to Get Your Gift

Many women struggle with the motivation to get healthy, but it doesn’t have to be hard. Join thousands of women who are crushing their goals with 99 Walks, a fun and motivational walking challenge for women. Set your goal, walk your miles, and earn an inspirational bracelet. You’ll find all the tools you need to be successful, including a tracking app with an extensive library of walking classes, daily inspiration, and a supportive community to keep you going. Take your first step towards health and happiness, all through the simple act of walking. Visit 99walks.fit and use code FBG to get a month free! (Heads up: this cannot be redeemed in the app, only on the website, so be sure to sign up here.)

You’ve got one week to scoop up this free birthday gift, so get to signing up now!

And, as you’re walking along with 99 Walks, be sure to crank up our official celebration playlist!

Celebration Workout Playlist

It’s an hour of high-energy party vibes! Listen here or below.

A big thanks to 99 Walks for making our birthday extra special (and active!) this year with the gift for all. And, a huge thanks to all of you for reading FBG! We love you!

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